I play early jazz, blues (and rhythm & blues), country, ragtime, among other forms of traditional American music. I sing, and perform on four-string tenor guitar, six-string standard guitar, mandolin, tenor banjo, and saxophone. I play with a number of bands around New Orleans, and lead several myself.

You can find me busking on Royal Street during the weekends with my traditional jazz band, the Rainy Day Band.

My rhythm & blues group, the Rhythm Band, plays every Monday evening at the Apple Barrel on Frenchman street, from 6:30 till 9:30. 

I also play guitar and sing country harmony with my western swing band, the Pontchartrain Playboys. Check out the calendar for upcoming dates.

In addition, I perform weekly at Bamboula's on Frenchman Street with the band Eight Dice Cloth, Wednesdays from 12 to 3. We perform as a trio with violin, guitar and upright bass. We play traditional 1920s jazz with an emphasis on early string band and jug band music.

Eight Dice Cloth

In addition, I'm also a some-time member of the Silver Bell Jazz Band, based out of San Francisco, CA. We recently released our first album, available on our Bandcamp.

The Silver Bell Jazz Band


Weekly Shows

The Rhythm Band plays every Monday evening

     at the Apple Barrel on

     Frenchman Street,